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My ARMC Health Patient Portal - Questions & Answers about accessing your health record

The My ARMC Health Portal allows you to view up-to-date information about some lab results, procedures, immunizations, medications and allergies. It is an electronic portal to your patient health record at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center.

Anyone who has used the services of Arrowhead Regional Medical Center and is 18 years and older or legally emancipated can sign up for access to their personal health information.

Protecting your patient privacy is our priority! Access to the portal is through our secure window, nothing is downloaded to your computer or electronic device. Once you close the access window, your personal information is not accessible until you choose to reopen the secure access window.

It is a simple process to sign up for access to My ARMC Health. Click here to begin self-enrollment:

Please check your spam or junk mail folders in your email account. If you still cannot find the invitation, please call (909) 580-2779 for help.

Yes. A parent, guardian or other authorized person acting in loco parentis may be granted proxy access to their child’s records available on the MyARMCHealth portal until the child turns 12 years old. Parents of children who are 12 through 17 years of age are not permitted to receive proxy access due to privacy laws. To request proxy access to your child’s patient portal records please contact our health information department. To access medical information for your child when they are 12 years of age or older, contact our health information department at (909) 580-0060.

Some common lab test results will be viewable in My ARMC Health. Other lab results will need to be discussed with your doctor and are not available on the portal.

Some lab results may be released into the portal at the discretion of ARMC. Please note that you should contact your health care provider for an explanation about your lab results.

Yes. Most pages in the portal provide a "Print" button.

Yes. With certain limitations, adult patients may authorize that proxy access be granted to another adult who is authorized to act on behalf of the adult patient. To request proxy access for another authorized adult to your patient portal information, contact our health information services department at (909) 580-0060.

My ARMC Health is mobile optimized, which means you can access the portal on any browser and any device with the Internet. There is currently no downloadable App associated with My ARMC Health.

My ARMC Health will not allow you to request an appointment for a visit or procedures and tests. However, you may cancel a visit up to 48 hours prior to the appointment.

No. Currently, prescription renewal requests are not available through My ARMC Health.

Individuals with disabilities using assistive technology can click here for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) accessibility conformance portal site.

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